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A portal to websites, e-books and video's about the Melanesian peoples and their artifacts

Archives, collections and exhibitions

Musée du Quai Branly - database 'Mélanésie'
Musée du Quai Branly - Sepik, Arts de Papouasie (video)
Musée d'ethnographie de Genève - Objets Océanie
Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin - Kunst vom Sepik (video)
Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin - Art from the Sepik (video)
Tropenmuseum - collections online
Tropenmuseum - permanent exhibition (ME*)
Tropenmuseum - Bisj poles exhibition (ME*)
Museum Volkenkunde - online database
Wereldmuseum - collection 'Melanesia'
Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam (ME*)
Museum Volkenkunde - permanent exhibition (ME*)
Papua Cultureel Erfgoed - collection papua heritage
Missiemuseum Steyl - flickr photoset
National Museum of Australia - Papuan official collection
National Gallery of Australia - Myth+Magic
Museums Victoria collections
Art Gallery of New South Wales - Pacific Art
Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim - Ozeanien
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - Ozeanien
Dahlem Museum, Berlin - Ozeanien (Sam Singer)
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - explore 'New Guinea'
Peabody Museum - collections online: 'Oceania'
Musée Barbier-Mueller - collection database 'Melanesia'
Fondation Beyeler - Oceanic art
Metropolitan Museum of Art - collection Database
Bisj poles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (youtube)
Metropolitan Museum of Art - flickr photoset
Metropolitan Museum of Art - gallery views
Penn.Museum - collection database ('Melanesia')
MOA (Vancouver) - collection database
American Museum of Asmat Art (video)
De Young Museum - Jolika Collection (video)
Holmes Museum of Anthropology - Asmat objects
Burke Museum - Melanesian Collections
Brooklyn museum - Pacific
British Museum - Collection on line
Pitt Rivers Museum - Collection on line
Horniman Museum - Collection on line
British Museum - Collection images 'Papua Gulf'
Spurlock Museum - collection database
Varldskulturmuseerna database 'new guinee'
Asmat museum Agats (video)
Michael Hamson - Archives
CSULB archaeology collection - Sepik river carvings
USCNGP collection from the upper and central Sepik river regions
Musée de la Civilisation Québec - Oceanie
Pirogues des Mers du Sud - Galerie Flak
Oceanie - Signes de Rites - Symboles d'Autorité
Drum museum - New Guinea
Oceanic Archive - inscriptions and labels
André Breton - collection arts primitifs

Shows, auctions and catalogues

Carter's Price Guide - Tribal Antiques
Bonhams - search "new guinea"
Theodore Bruce - Todd Barlin collection
Gazette art - Océanie
Cobbs auctioneers - tribal art auction Nov 15, 2015
Lempertz - Oceanic art auction 2015
Parcours des Mondes - Catalogues on issuu
Tribalmania: San Fransisco tribal & textile arts show 2014
Catalogues Tribal Art Auktions - Zemanek-Muenster
Karin Zemanek-Muenster - Catalogues Tribal Art auctions (issuu)
Artkhade - Oceania
Antique auctions now ('New Guinea')
Woolley & Wallis - Catalogs Tribal Art auctions (issuu)
Antiquehelper - past auctions
Antiquesreporter - Guy Earl-Smith
Alain Truong - Archives Tribal Art
Sotheby's Australian Auction - Aboriginal and Oceanic Art
Michael Hamson - Catalogs

Books, magazines and articles

The native peoples of New Guinea, M.W. Stirling 1943
Art of the Pacific Islands in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nieuw Guinea, Frederik Muller 1867
Militaire exploratie Nieuw Guinea 1909-1910
Asmat kunst, Jac Hoogerbrugge en Simon Kooijman
Kunstvormen en stijlgebieden, Simon Kooijman
Kultuurpatronen, Jac Hoogerbrugge
Massim art, Barry Craig
Océanie, Philippe Bourgoin
Forschungen im innern Neuguinea 1910
Bruce Frank - Powerful Magic, miniature Sculptures from the Sepik river region
Zeichen am Sepik, Silke Olig 2006
Asmat Art - Ursula Konrad und Carolina Winkelmann
The Changing Asmat World by Lee Dobratz
Studies in Oceanic Art and Culture
Korewori: magic art from the rain forest, Christian Kaufmann
The mountain Arapesh, Margaret Mead
The Melanesians of British New Guinea
Kevin Conru - 'Around the Coral Sea'
Serge Schoffel - 'Art en Premier'
New Guinea Art - Tribal Arts Magazine
New Guinea Fibre Masterworks - Hali Magazine
Barkcloth Art of the Omie - Cavin-Morris Gallery
Where the spirits dwell, Tobias Schneebaum
Secret places, Tobias Schneebaum
Wild man, Tobias Schneebaum
Pacific art: persistence, change and meaning
The traditional pottery of PNG
Ethnology of Vanuatu

Ceremonial Board (Malu) 19th century, Sawos people.


Michael Hamson
Galerie Meyer - Oceanic and Eskimo Art
Bruce Frank
Franck da Silva - Tribal & Fine Art
Franck da Silva on facebook
Tribal Art Kortmann
Hamill gallery - Oceanic art
Michael Evans Fine Tribal Art
Gallery Chris Boylan
New Guinea Art, Joe Maierhauser
Primitive Art, Italiaander Galleries (ME*)
Visser Gallery - Oceanic art
Tribal Art Finder - Oceanic artifacts
Tribal Art Brokers
Tribalmania Oceanic Art
Oceanic Arts Australia
Wamena gallery
Galerie Flak
New Guinea Tribal Art
Tribal Collective
Tema Galerie - Collection Art Premier du Pacifique
Voyageurs & Curieux
Art tribal online
Art tribal océanien
Art tribal océanien (eBay gallery)
Galerie Franck Marcelin
Tookalook - Oceanic
Ewa - Oceanic gallery
TurzArt Tribal
Oceanic Arts Australia
Malcolm Davidson Art Oceanic
BC Galleries
Serge Schoffel
Chris Boylan Oceanic Art
Arthur Beau Palmer
Art Tribal Online


Stichting Papua Erfgoed - Asmat
Stichting Papua Erfgoed - Mimika
Stichting Papua Erfgoed - Ngalum (Sibil)
Stichting Papua Erfgoed - foto's Jos Donkers en anderen
KITLV Digital Media Library
Geheugen van Nederland - 'Nieuw-Guinea'
Geheugen van Nederland - 'papoea'
Indisch Wetenschappelijk Instituut - 'Nieuw Guinea'
Collectie Wereldculturen - 'Melanesie'
Smithsonian institution - database 'New Guinea'
Kunstkamera - Peoples of Australia and Oceania
National Library Australia - Historic photos 'New Guinea'
Ulrich Kortmann - Field Photos
Pitt Rivers Museum - Photos
Laurent Granier on twitter- Melanesian Tribal Arts
Frank Hurley - Digital Collections
The Photography of F.E. Williams (chapter 'Elema')
Sam Singer - Parcours des Mondes 2013
Detours des Mondes - Arts lointains, Espaces de cultures
Holmes Museum of Anthropology - Asmat Photographs
Michael Evans Fine Art - Photography
Tribal Collective - Field photographs
David Godreuil - Le blog d'Artifact
Photo-blog Primitive Art - 'New Guinea'
Arthur Beau Palmer
Art Tribal Online - Galeries photos
Barry Craig (USCNGP) - Photo albums
Rita Willaert - Papua New Guinea
John Tyman - Torembi and the Sepik
Eric Lafforgue - Vanuatu
New Guinea - pool


The sky above, the mud below (Le ciel et la boue) 1959
Holmes Museum of Anthropology - Videos Asmat
Archivmaterial - Asmat Volk Neu Guinea
The Kombai, living in treehouses
Papuatrekking - Kombai and Korowai
Wim van Oijen - Videos Asmat
Roy Villevoye - Videos Asmat
Spencer Weart - Asmat ceremonies (2015)
Jean-Pierre Dutilleux - The Toulambi (first contact)
Asmat (from 'Ring of Fire')
Oxford Humanities - The Stone Korowai (trailer)
De Ajam affaire (Asmat 1956), VPRO 'Andere Tijden'
Primitief Nieuw-Guinea 1956, VPRO
Kevin Conru - The Oldman Collection, Maori art in London
Tighten the Drums: Self-Decoration Among the Enga
Frank Hurley - Pearls and Savages (1923)
Peoples of the South Seas (1918)
'Gow the killer' (1931)
Pacific Anthropology: Deciphering the Lapita Code (2007)
Pacific Anthropology: The Structure of Lapita Designs
Global Vision - Washkuk art
Guardians of the (Ramu) River
Watson Kintner collection - PNG 1957 #42
Watson Kintner collection - PNG 1957 #43
Detours des Mondes
Travel Film Archive - South Pacific
A panel discussion about the variety, beauty and power of Oceanic art.

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